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20-108 – Billy Atkins (dec.)


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Billy Atkins (dec.)

61 x 91 cm: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2020


““If they dig him up, anybody, blackfella, whitefellas they’ll get killed! Ngayurnangalku still there [in Kumpupirntily]. No people gotta go come to this place. If they go there it’s one way! There’s a cannibal there. Don’t come to this place- you might get killed! They gonna eat you for lunch! Don’t go, keep away!!

Some people paint a rockhole, only rockhole. Nothing. I got story. Jukurrpa. Full up….”

– Billy Yunkurra Atkins

This painting depicts Yunkurra’s Country; Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) in the Canning Stock Route area. This large warla (salt lake) is one of the most sacred and dangerous sites in the far Western Desert. This is where the Ngayurnangalku (cannibal beings) live beneath the lake, surfacing only to feed on human flesh.


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