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18-95 – Yikartu Bumba


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Yikartu Bumba

76 x 122 cm: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2018

Julapanja, Wirrkuja

“This Jilapunga rockhole. Kayili (east) from Yungara. Always kapi (water) there, pujiman (traditional, desert-dwelling Martu) would drink from there. All bush-tucker there, womula (bush tomato), and minyarra (bush-onion). Barli [the artist’s daughter] was little one walking around that place. Pujiman time. 

This one rockhole, Julapanja, that’s a claypan, Wirrkuja. Water here, big one. This one we get water, then go another place, then another place. We’re walking around people you know?”

– Yikartu Bumba

This painting portrays physical elements of Martu Country, such as the dominant tali (sandhills), warta (trees, vegetation), and water sources. Rock holes, waterholes, soaks and springs were all extremely important sites for Martu people during the pujiman era, with many important jukurrpa (dreamtime stories) chronicling the creation of these landmarks. In the past the Martu lived nomadically, moving from water source to water source, and hunting and gathering bush tucker as they went. They would traverse very large distances annually, visiting specific areas in the dry and wet season depending on the availability of water. As they travelled and hunted they would also burn areas of country creating a larger diversity of plant and animal life.


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