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Thelma Judson, Yimiri salt country


Cat# 14-815

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Thelma Judson
51 x 61 cm: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2017
Cat#: 14-815

Yimiri salt country

This painting portrays different kupi (water) throughout the artist’s traditional country in the Yimiri area. Yimiri is a soak that is situated in the middle of a salt lake in the Percival Lakes area. All around the Kupi’s are lots of lines portraying all of the tuwa (Sand hills) which dominate this country.

During the Pujiman (bush) days the artists and her family travelled extensively through this county, it is their Ngurra (home). The family would move up and down through the lake country to different waterholes, soaks and rock holes. When it was raining they used to build a Wunkurrl (shelter) where they could sleep and stay warm with a big Waru (fire). When they were camped all of the older people their Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles used to go hunting. The kids would stay behind playing around in the tuwa catching little lizards called Pulla pulla and Nyari which is a little spiky one.