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Kumpaya Girgirba, Kun Kun


Cat# 15-873

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Kumpaya Girgirba
36 x 46cm: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2015
Cat#: 15-873

Kun Kun

Kumpaya says “This is a big waterhole, in Kun Kun, my country; and all the animals are coming to drink here. Big and small kangaroos, snakes, goanas, emus, skinks – they all drinking here. The red and yellow dots are big tali (sanddunes). Big ones, 4 of them near the waterhole.”

This painting depicts Kun Kun, located in the Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia. Kun Kun is in the artist’s husband’s country east of Kunawarritji Aboriginal Community, also known as Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route. Kun Kun is an important meeting place, and is the place for kangaroo dreaming. There is a large soak to access underground water here. The artist walked all around this country with her family in pujiman (bush) days.
This painting shows the soak, and tali (sandhills) which run west to east, dominating this country. Between these tali, various bush foods can be gathered. The artist and her family burn this country during hunting trips to regenerate it. The blue lines indicate additional underground water that can be tapped at various soaks and rockholes in Kumpaya’s country. Some of these, such as Kunawarritji, have become wells along the Canning Stock Route.

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