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Dadda Samson & Judith Anya Samson, Rabbit Proof Fence at Puntawarri


Cat# 14-430a


Exhibition work

Dadda Samson
150 x 150cm: acrylic + oils on linen
Year: 2014
Cat#: 14-430a

Rabbit Proof Fence at Puntawarri

This painting is a collaborative work between Dadda Samson and her Granddaughter Judith (Anya) Samson. It depicts the Rabbit Proof Fence in country near Jigalong Aboriginal Community. Artist Dadda Samson recalls “That is the Rabbit Proof Fence that went to Jigalong. The three girls in the movie acted about how they took them from their mother in Jigalong and took them to the dormitory. They stayed there for a while and then they ran away back to Jigalong. They ran away from the dormitory and the tracker followed them along the fence to Jigalong.” Dadda’s granddaughter and fellow artist Judith Samson explains that “This country is Puntawarri. My nanna, Dadda, taught me to paint this country. Puntawarri is important because it is nice to see all the houses there. It is my pop’s, my nannas’ husband’s, place. They camped there and went hunting for goanna or anything, kangaroo or turkey. At Puntawarri there are all the waterholes.