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Helen Samson, Puntawarri


Cat# 12-694

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Helen Samson
76 x 122cm: acrylic on linen
Year: 2012
Cat#: 12-694


This painting is a portrayal of Puntawarri, a now abandoned community in-between Jigalong and the Canning Stock Route. Puntawarri is on the middle stretches of the Canning Stock Route, near Well 17 also known as Durba Springs. This place is an important cultural area, east of the Jigalong Aboriginal Community, where the artist now lives with her family. The old people used to live here and work here. The road goes from Jigalong past Puntawarri and onto Pimpi, and then continues to the Canning Stock Route. There is a waterhole here where the old bush people used to go to in the pujiman (bush) days while they were still walking around that country. In the back ground is the big tuwa (sandhills). In the middle of the painting on the left hand side is an area of country that has recently had a waru (fire) through it. In the middle is a section that is still yukiri (green) and on the right is an area that has been burnt in the past but is now starting to grow back. The Toyotas in the foreground are on their way past heading to the Canning Stock Route. On the right hand side above the houses is a kipara (bush turkey) and in the foreground there are three marlu (kangaroo), a parnka (goanna) and a jila (snake).


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