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Jason Tinker, Wirnpa Freshwater


Cat# 17-35

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Jason Tinker
46 x 61cm: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2017
Cat#: 17-35

Wirnpa Freshwater

“This is Wirnpa, my Grandmothers Country. My Mother’s mother was born here. This is the freshwater here. When you come here you have to get the branches, put the mud on your face, put the water in your mouth, blow it out. Let the Country know you’re here.”


This painting portrays Wirnpa which is in the Percival Lakes region. Wirnpa is a very significant rain making place and has a lot of Jukurrpa (dreamtime) stories around it. It is a very significant site to the artist and his family. There is a fresh yinta (soak) there in a salt warla (lake) that martu would have to look after and clean out before they drank from in in the pujiman (bush) days as there is lots of yukiri (green) growing around it.